Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Not every Virginia gardener may realize, but the time to plant bulbs for Spring is in Fall!  Bulbs need several weeks to establish roots, and can be planted now as long as the ground isn't frozen.

Planting and growing bulbs in your garden is easy and fun.  The shock of color they bring in Spring is well worth the effort of digging a hole and dropping them in!  The general rule for the depth of your hole is to dig three times the width of the bulb, but consult the packaging to be sure.  Drop bulbs in pointy end up and cover with soil -- it really is that easy.  One of the great things about bulbs is they will return year after year, brightening up your Winter garden every Spring.

Don't miss out on this gardener's tradition!  Generally, when buying bulbs it is best to purchase them early to get your pick of the best ones. However, bulbs at Strange's are now 25% off and there is still a great selection to choose from.