Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Keys to Success: Fall Bulbs

It's Fall, Y'all! 
Since Fall is such an exciting time of year for gardening- festive plant colors and textures, ideal temperatures, increased rainfall, etc.- we thought we'd share a Fall-tastic series of posts for you on how to make sure your gardening efforts are successful this Autumn! We're calling it the 'Keys to Success' series, and we'll be posting on a new, Fall-specific topic each week. We hope you enjoy!

Up next in our series is Fall Bulbs!
Nothing says Spring like the perky yellow daffodils, graceful tulips & precious crocuses that add so much cheer to the tired, late-winter landscape! To introduce a few of these beauties to your garden, you'll need to start now! Fall is the time to plant those early-spring bulbs, so we've come up with some quick tips for easy, successful bulb planting. Enjoy!

1. Pick the right spot

Most bulbs do best when planted in a sunny, well-drained spot. Picking a good spot goes a long way in bulb success!

2. Use Bulb Tone

Applying a natural feeder product like Bulb Tone helps newly-planted bulbs establish more quickly and produce bigger blooms. Use Bulb Tone at the time of planting for best results.

3. Got Voles?

The best way to prevent voles from munching on your irresistibly fresh bulbs (short of investing in a cat) is to amend your bulb planting holes with some Permatil.

4. Got Squirrels?

Voles aren't the only critters tempted by your bulbs- squirrels are often the culprit of missing or moved bulbs (that's right- don't be alarmed if the clump of daffodils you plant this fall showcase a few hyacinths from another part of your garden come Spring!) The best way to keep squirrels from rearranging your bulb design is to soak your bulbs in I Must Garden's Squirrel Repellent for 5 minutes. Once they've dried, plant them as your normally would. This should deter the squirrel-sponsored landscape re-designing this winter. 

Thanks for dropping in for our tips on planting Fall Bulbs! We hope you're inspired to envision and plant a beautiful container or bed space for early spring with some beautiful Fall Bulbs!

Happy [bulb] gardening!

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